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How to use checklists?

There are three use cases for agile software-development teams:

Reviewing Specifications, Code Review and documenting "grunt" Test Results.

Testing specs

Every spec has a few feats in common that can be put into a checklist. The "all passed" QA badge can be included as a "this spec is ready" sign at the end of the document. This could actually be your team's "Definition of Ready" or some similar quality characteristics.

Code Review

Every team has a code style guide. But also every team has a few important do's and dont's specific to some situations that can be put into a hierarchical checklist. You can establish a guideline that every commit should include a link to the checklist results at the end of the commit message.

Posting test results

Every feature has to conform to some standard quality aspects. Such as "works with foreign characters such as Japanese and Russian", "System handles browser refresh inside of each transaction step gracefully", etc. The test results can be documented by a link to the checklist results, accompanied with a description (or better, an in-person chat) if anything went wrong.